Hold onto your kippahs because we're about to take Shabbat to a whole new level of deliciousness and hilarity! Chabad of Hunt Valley proudly presents our monthly Community Shabbat Dinner – a gastronomic voyage that's part comedy, part culinary excellence, and all about creating memories that'll have you laughing in between bites.

Shabbat Around the World: Let's be real, who needs a plane ticket when you can travel the world on your plate? From falafels that make the Eiffel Tower jealous to matzo ball soup that even Mexico approves of, "Shabbat Around the World" is like a global tour minus the jetlag.

Emoji Shabbat: Ever find yourself at a loss for words? Us too. That's why we're introducing "Emoji Shabbat" where a simple 😄 can express your delight at our scrumptious spread. Need more challah? Just send a 🍞, and consider it delivered – virtually, of course.

Shabbat Under the Sea: Get ready to swim with the gefilte fish! Our "Shabbat Under the Sea" is an aquatic adventure with a twist. Picture octopuses wearing yarmulkes and dolphins that are challah connoisseurs. Who knew the ocean was so kosher?

But here's the thing – we can't do this without you! We need your support to keep the laughter rolling and the kugel coming. Become a sponsor for our themed Shabbat dinners, and you'll be officially inducted into the "Shabbat Shmedoozel and Shmoozer" club.

Your sponsorship isn't just about food; it's about fostering connections and friendships that'll make your Bubbe proud. Your generosity will be the cherry (or should we say, maraschino cherry) on top of these gatherings that light up our community.

So, RSVP to our next Community Shabbat Dinner and consider embracing your inner Shabbat superhero by becoming a sponsor. Let's make Fridays something we all look forward to – filled with laughter, flavor, and the kind of warmth that could melt even the heartiest matzo ball. :)

Click HERE to become a "Shabbat Shmedoozel and Shmoozer" sponsor.