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Can't commit to Hebrew School this year? Your child already attends Jewish School? Your child is really just looking for a Jewish social circle? You just have too much on your plate with the kids home all day?

This might be the answer you need.

The first Sunday of each month of the school year (Unless we specify otherwise when giving out the calendar) your child can be a part of the fun.

Kids will enjoy hands-on learning through STEM, arts and crafts, and baking. We will experience the beauty of the upcoming Jewish Holidays and customs, express our Jewish Pride, and learn to appreciate our Jewish heritage.

Jewish Social Club FAQs:

How much does it cost?

This program is $100 for the year, or $15 per child for each session.

**Early bird special: Sign up by August 31st for the whole year of sessions and pay only $75 for the entire year. 

What time does this take place?

The time for this program is the first Sunday of the month (unless explicity stating otherwise), and it runs from 9:00-10:30 AM. 

How many sessions are there over the course of the school year?

There are 9 sessions and they are:

September: The Exploding Rosh Hashana Birthday Party

October: Pizza In The Hut

November: Light Up The Town Chanukah Experience

December: The Kosher Culinary Experience 

January: Tu B'Shvat Gummy Shoppe

February: Purim Laughter Lab

March: Pesach Pyramid Dig

April: The Great Lag Baomer Parade

May: The Jewish Farm To Table Dairy Fest

What COVID restrictions will you be following?

We will be following whatever the CDC guidelines are at the time. We will also be sanitizing bathrooms and surfaces, and requiring hand washing upon entering. 


Where will these programs be taking place?

We will be confirming the location based on registrations so that we can find a place/es that will allow for adequate space for social distancing. We will let you know at least a week before the program takes place.

How do I sign up?

You can  register in advance by clicking HERE, or you can always decide to join us last minute by emailing us up to 48 hours before.