**Discover the Ckids Club & Cteen Difference: Premium Hebrew Education**

Welcome to a Hebrew School experience that offers more than just education - Ckids Club and Cteen! Here's what's new and exciting this year:

**1. Family Extravaganzas:** Brace yourself for five extraordinary family events in honor of Jewish holidays! An unforgettable Shabbaton in New York, a grand Purim at the wonderful arena, apple picking adventures, The Great Big Chanaukah Jump and The Matzah Factory – all included in the registration fee! 

**2. Revolutionizing Hebrew Reading:** We're transitioning from the Aleph Champ curriculum to a modern, top-of-the-line program - Hebrew Scouts. Designed with today's kids in mind, this program has proven effective even for those who typically struggle with reading.

**3. Experiential Learning:** Each class becomes an immersive experience, with rooms decorated and dress-up activities to make students feel as though they're living the experience they're learning.

**The Ckids Club (K-5th Grade)**
The Ckids Club provides K-5th graders with an engaging, fun-filled learning experience. From the transformative Hebrew Scouts reading program to our innovative approach of experiential learning, each class is a thrilling adventure.

**The Cteen Jr. (6-8th Grade)**
Cteen is our special Sunday evening program for 6-8th graders. This program is designed to keep the excitement going with late-night outings, glow parties, snow tubing and much more. Trust us, this is NOT your typical Hebrew school. Learn more about Cteen Jr. HERE.

Mission Statement
Our goal is to offer all Jewish children an education and memories that will continue to inspire them for a lifetime. We provide an education that instills Jewish pride, a sense of history, and a genuine and meaningful understanding of Judaism. Through this knowledge, our students grow into informed adults who will shape our communities and our world in years to come.

Hebrew Education
Throughout the centuries of Jewish life, from ancient times to present, our people have endured. The responsibility of educating our children about their heritage has been left up to us, parents and educators. Choosing the appropriate Hebrew School gives us the assurance that our children will be imbued with a solid Judaic education, with pride and affection for their heritage and for the land of Israel.

Our School
Hunt Valley Hebrew
 offers a unique approach in Judaic studies. Our program is designed for elementary school-age children (ages K through 8th grade) who are otherwise not receiving a formal Jewish education.
At CKIDS Valley Hebrew we provide an experience that represents a positive, cheerful and enjoyable chapter of the child’s maturing life.

Our Approach
At our Hebrew School, we strive to stress the beauty and warmth of Judaism and its Mitzvot (precepts). With our unique educational approach our students are able to explore and discover the beauty of their heritage, in an atmosphere of joy and warmth.
Many children are out of touch with an entity that has preserved us for thousands of years, an entity of beauty and deep significance and one which is inherently their own. At our Hebrew School, an area of particular emphasis is in the inculcation of Jewish values and ethics. Mutual tolerance and respect for fellow human beings are taught as basic principles of the Jewish faith.

Our Philosophy
Our school is a traditional learning center that successfully caters to Jewish families from all walks of life. Indeed, everyone can feel comfortable with our style and approach. Our school welcomes every Jew*, regardless of religious background or level of observance. It is for this reason that our school does not require any membership or prior affiliation as a condition for enrollment.

The Atmosphere
The underlying strength of our school is in its general warmth and spirit, providing a learning experience in an atmosphere of joy and liveliness. Audio-visual presentation such as Friday Night Dinners, Saturday Junior Congregation, Model Matzah bakery and Model Seder, Sukkah building, Havdallah ceremonies, school contests, hands-on educational children and family workshops as well as games, drama, songs, parties, and arts’ n crafts are blended with the curriculum. This will ensure that your child will receive a stimulating educational experience in a fun and exciting way.

*We reserve the right to refuse acceptance to any individual or family at our discretion.