Welcome to CKIDS Hunt Valley (serving Lutherville-Timonium, Cockeysville, Hunt Valley and beyond.)

Experience Unmatched, Exhilarating Learning with Our Hebrew Club

Welcome to a truly transformative journey of Jewish education that completely shatters the mold of traditional Hebrew school. We're not just a school; we're an action-packed, interactive club where fun and learning seamlessly blend together. Our Hebrew club offers a unique, hands-on educational experience that fosters an enduring love for Jewish heritage and culture. Every session unfolds like an adventure, immersing kids in a vibrant world where learning feels like play.

Dynamic, Engaging Education for Today's Kids

Boring lectures and mundane tasks are relics of the past. Instead, we engage our learners through vibrant, theme-based sessions that capture their imagination. Each class is a live-action adventure, where the rooms come alive with themed decorations, costumes, and engaging activities. We believe that when kids are having fun, they're more receptive to learning. That's why we've reinvented Hebrew reading with our cutting-edge Hebrew Scouts program. This top-of-the-line curriculum is designed with today's children in mind, using color, interactivity, and excitement to make Hebrew reading engaging and achievable for every child.

Where Learning Meets Action

Our Hebrew club isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about translating that knowledge into action and truly living the Jewish experience. We punctuate our fun-filled club sessions with group holiday trips, community service initiatives, and other practical applications of what we learn. From the electrifying Purim at the Wonderfly Arena and the interactive Model Matzah Bakery to the grand, unforgettable Shabbaton in NYC, we make sure every child gets to live and breathe the beautiful traditions we learn. This is not just Jewish education; it's Jewish life at its most engaging and enjoyable. Come and discover a new, exhilarating way of learning at our Hebrew club!

Register today to ensure a more Jewish tomorrow. Register before August 6th for $200 a full year registration fee.

For more information, or references, please email: [email protected] or call Nuchie at: 410-240-2806.