JewQ is the international Torah championship that every child strives to be in! 

Studies show that competition increases drive attention, social motivation, and long-term information retention. JewQ challenges students to learn independently and master fundamental concepts of Judaism. Your child will broaden their knowledge of Judaism in an interactive and exciting way, culminating in local championships, a grand  Shabbaton and an international championship with contestants from around the world! 

To qualify, students excel in a series of exams testing their retention of fundamental Jewish concepts. Topics your child will be required to master will include key prayers and liturgy, fundamental mitzvot, Jewish holidays, life cycle events, and heroic figures throughout our illustrious history. The online JewQ game zone will help your child review the information in an interactive and entertaining way.

Throughout the competition, participants will have the opportunity to win prizes after each test they take. All children with a 70% average on all three tests qualify to join the international championship and take the final test to be awarded a JewQ medal on stage. The top students will also participate in the JewQ gameshow in front of a live audience, broadcasted to the entire world. 

Most importantly, every contestant will go home with a broadened knowledge of their rich Jewish history, traditions, and mitzvot - the most valuable prize that will give them the confidence to make decisions based on Torah values and live their lives as proud Jews. 

Since its inception in 2019, JewQ is active in over 135 cities in 16 countries, with thousands of Jewish children taking part in studying for the competition. To learn more about the JewQ program visit