At CKids, we recognize the significance of a child reaching the age of Bar and Bat mitzvah. Understanding the unique needs and interests of pre-teens during this transformative stage, we are proud to offer a dedicated program called "BaM - Bar and Bat Mitzvah Program" designed specifically for students in grades 5 to 7. This separate track allows pre-teens to embark on a journey where they can view the world through a different lens and engage with pressing issues that are relevant to their age group.

Our BaM program goes beyond traditional teachings, offering an enriching experience that encourages young minds to question and explore the world around them. Through interactive sessions, thoughtful discussions, and hands-on activities, participants are empowered to develop a deeper understanding of their Jewish heritage, values, and the broader global community. At CKids, we believe that providing a safe and nurturing environment for pre-teens to express themselves and inquire about meaningful topics will foster personal growth and a strong foundation for their continued journey into adulthood.

Your child is reaching one of the biggest milestones in their life, and it is a huge celebration for the child, parents, and the entire family. We believe that your son or daughter's Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an incredible opportunity for them to express themselves, feel proud and connected to their Jewish heritage, and live up to the sacred responsibility of performing the mitzvot and rituals of their people.

We recognize that along with the excitement and eagerness, there may be pressure to "get it all done." We are here to take some of that stress off of you and make your day as special as it deserves to be.

CKIDS Hunt Valley provides all the resources that you may need as you prepare for the big day, with the goal of streamlining the process for you and your family. From advanced Bar/Bat Mitzvah learning, Tefillin, and speech writing, to ceremony packets, our objective is to make your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah as smooth as possible.

We will help you navigate your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah in a way that is comprehensive and unique to each family, helping you build memories that will last a lifetime. We work directly with you as well as your child from start to finish, tailor-making every step of the way to fit your needs, ensuring the best day possible on this special occasion.

Your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an event to celebrate their commitment to the Torah, mitzvot, and Jewish faith. We are here to help you make this day one that honors them, your family, and the entire community.

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