Celebrate Judaism with the CKIDS Holiday Experiences!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Jewish Holiday Experiences that are sure to make your Jewish Holidays and Hebrew school experience more fun and exciting. We believe that learning about and celebrating Jewish holidays should be a joyful experience that brings us closer to our traditions and community. Some of these experiences are open to the whole community to bring your friends and family.

This year, we have planned five incredible trips* that we can't wait to share with you.
Rosh Hashana, we will be going apple picking, a fun and delicious way to celebrate the Jewish New Year.
Chanukah, we have planned the Great Big Chanukah Glow Party @ Sky Zone, where we will jump, bounce, and light up the night with our community.
CKIDS Family Challah Bake is back and better than ever!
Purim, we will be heading to Wonderfly Arena for an action-packed day of games and activities.
Shabbaton - Finally, we will be taking a CKIDS Shabbaton trip to New York, where we will experience the vibrancy and energy of Jewish life in the city. (Covers the cost of the child).

We can't wait to celebrate these holidays with you and make unforgettable memories together.

(*All trips are subject to change.)