1. What is CTeen? CTeen is a global family of Jewish teens, dedicated to changing the world through acts of goodness and kindness. Through a fusion of fun, friendship, and meaningful experiences, CTeen aims to cultivate proud, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic Jewish leaders.

  2. Who can join CTeen? Any Jewish teenager between the ages of 13-18 can join CTeen. (Here at the Hunt Valley chapter we are launching 2023-24 school year for grades 7-9) Our inclusive community welcomes everyone, regardless of background, knowledge, or level of observance.

  3. How can I join CTeen? Joining is easy! Simply click the "Register For The Fun" button on our website and fill out the membership form. Remember to select that you are registering for the Cteen Group (and not the Ckids group) Btw, we are giving $100 off membership through Sunday, August 6th. So take advantage!

  4. Is there a membership fee for CTeen? 

    Our comprehensive CTeen membership fee of $800 covers the entirety of your year's journey with us. This one-time payment includes access to all our regular events, transportation to and from these events, and even an inclusive pass to our much-anticipated CTeen Shabbaton - a singular experience that usually costs over $600 for the weekend alone!

    To sweeten the deal, we're offering an early bird discount of $100 if you sign up by Sunday, August 6th at midnight. So, you're getting a whole year of fun, learning, and community engagement for just $700 - an undeniable bargain!

    Rest assured, once you've paid your membership fee, we won't ask for additional contributions during the school year. This is a complete package, designed to let you focus on enjoying the CTeen experience without financial worries.

    Alternatively, if you'd prefer to pay as you go, we offer the flexibility to pay for each event and trip individually. This includes the full price for the CTeen Shabbaton and transportation fees for each separate outing.

    Whether you choose the all-inclusive annual membership or prefer to pay per event, you're set for a fantastic year of memorable experiences with CTeen.

  5. What kinds of activities does CTeen offer? CTeen offers a wide range of activities, from exciting events like Sukkah Glow Parties and Boat Ride River Launch Parties to community service projects, educational forums, and holiday celebrations. We aim to create a vibrant, engaging space where every teen can find something they love. Check out the year's calendar right HERE.

  6. How do I find out about upcoming events? You can find all our upcoming events in the CTeen Calendar Section on our website. We update it regularly, so be sure to check back often!

  7. Can I bring a friend to CTeen events? Absolutely! We encourage our members to bring their friends along. After all, experiences are better when shared. We do appreciate a heads-up though.

  8. How can I contribute to CTeen? There are numerous ways to contribute. You can participate in events, lead a project, bring friends, or sponsor an event for a birthday, yahrtzeit or in honor of a loved one. Of course, while the membership fee greatly supports our ability to create memorable and enriching experiences for our teens, the actual cost of providing these opportunities typically extends beyond the membership fee. Our organization relies on additional funding sources, including donations and sponsorships, to continue delivering the quality and variety of programs our members enjoy.

  9. Who can I contact if I have more questions? Feel free to reach out to Nuchie. The phone number is: 410-240-2806 or send an email to [email protected].

Remember, at CTeen, you're not just a member. You're part of a global family dedicated to making the world a better place. Welcome to the journey!